Mysterious Yet Magical Impact Of Smokey Eyes

Leighton Meester donning the smokey eyes look

Leighton Meester donning the smokey eyes look

Be it at a party or an official meeting, smokey eyes are taking the cake in the beauty industry and how! It’s quite simple to attain this gothic yet extremely chic look; oodles of eyeliner blended with dark eye shadow can create this glamorous look. Nonetheless, as trend-watchers have witnessed, there are multiple variations to the classic.

What’s been trending?

Smokey Eyes are very dark eyes, with extremely well defined eyebrows, contoured face and whipped out lips. One of the most popular trends is to apply lighter shades. Use grey eye shadow of lighter tone, and to create depth, fill the gap and contour the corners with black. And if you like it loud, use darker shades of smokey tones like ash grey and curve with more of black eye shadow and put lots of kohl and mascara. Post that, apply silver highlighter on your brow bone. But, if you like to bend genres then lay your hands on some stunning alternatives! For instance, experiment with colours like navy blue, violet, plum, brown and bronze. However classic never goes out of fashion – the mystery of black and grey has its own charm.

Smokey eyes vs. rest of the makeup:

With smokey eyes, one needs to be very careful with the rest of the makeup. The mantra is to keep the rest of the makeup simple. Use a nude lip shade or perhaps a matte-finish red lip colour for that perfect pout! Go for brick-coloured cheek bones to make heads turn.

How to experiment with smokey eyes?7319385598_857e73984a

Smokey eyes can cast quite an amorous yet ruse look. To create this mystical look you should always use well-blended eye shadow; also use medium colour eye shadow on the brow bone and smudge it upwards to look peppy yet much in poise.

Black and Grey combination: Apply eye primer first on your eye lid; the next step is to line the inner lids with smooth black eye pencil. Put black eyeliner on the top lid and remember it should be thicker than the bottom. Make the inner corner of the eye pointed. In this combination one can put ash grey eye shadow and contour it with black eye shadow and put lots of kohl and mascara. Post that, apply silver highlighter on the brow bone.

Out-of-the-box colours: To add an edge to the look, use colours such as deep blue and emerald green but blend the two colours in equal proportion; it will turn into an ash colour and then shape it with black hues.

Cat eyes: To get cat eyes, darker toned eye shadows are used. With half eyes black, one can extend the kohl towards the outer corner; however the outer corner of your eyeliner should be angled out further and curved slightly upwards. Lastly, add a light frosty shade on your brow bone. You can also make a small upward angle; lastly, take a lighter shadow and apply under your eye brows.


    • Hi Chaitali. My personal favourite is Bobbi Brown long-wear eye pencil. It is very easy to apply and doesn’t smudge the whole day, considering the fact, I have very oily skin and I am mostly out in the sun, sweating. Also, you can try Maybelline Colossal Kajal; its pretty good too.

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