Fashion designer Jenjum Gadi has been creating buzz in the fashion industry with his edgy imagination, which finds its resting place in luxurious fabrics


Fashion designer Jenjum Gadi finds his inspiration in the minutest of things that nature has to offer. And this time the incredible world of insects found its way in the fashion circuit through his designs.

What inspires you?

This time around, I took insects as my source of inspiration as I find them to be extremely interesting; I am also a firm believer of the fact that splendid beauty can be found in the worst of ugliness and also if nature has created them than I am pretty sure they also must be playing an important role in balancing the environment.

Tell us about the cuts and fabrics you incorporated in your pieces…

Insects as inspiration were already too complicated so I kept the cuts very simple as I didn’t want to complicate it further. As far as the fabrics are concerned, I incorporated a lot of organza, satin and flat chiffon.

What is your design philosophy?

For me it is all about keeping your eyes wide open because you never know when the next inspiration will strike you. So it’s always good to go with the flow and never combat your imagination.


What does your creation reflect?

My creation reflects my childhood, my mood, my experience in life so far and everything else that surrounds me.

How has the Indian fashion industry shaped your outlook towards fashion over the years?

The fashion business in India is really growing at a supremely fast face and so is the competition. It is in fact quite tough to be at the right place at the right point of time. What I have learnt here is that focusing on your passion should be pivotal.

What is the future of couture in India?

When you say couture in India, it mostly means heavy Indian outfits for weddings and festivals. So as long as we have the fervor of festivities and weddings going on in India, the couture domain will keep rising. However I doubt if Western couture will work in India since the very essence of it contradicts with our occasions.

Who is your favourite model?

It keeps changing with every season of fashion. But, currently I adore Bhumika.

Any fashion brands that you really adore?

I absolutely love Zara and Prada.

What fashion trends do you foresee for the upcoming months?

I feel lots of prints in various formats will take over the fashion scene in the upcoming months.


Tell us about your personal style.

My personal style is very versatile; I like to try and wear almost everything. Sometimes it could be happy and bright, sometimes it’s moody and dull and yet again at times its soft punk and sometimes it is classic too!

What was your first design? Do you have any interesting anecdotes in the making of your first piece?

I don’t really remember by first design but yes I do remember my first sketch. It looked like a joke; if you see it, you would laugh till your stomach hurts. Nevertheless it holds a special place in my life (smiles).526048_10151200137154643_368036503_n

Best piece of style advice you ever received?

Not really an advice but perhaps a compliment – someone told me that I am born as a stylist. It meant a lot to me.

And what pieces of style advice you happily ignore?

All styling related advice my father has to offer, I conveniently choose to ignore it. For instance, don’t wear faded denim, no lather jackets, no accessories and the list goes on…

Who wears your collection?

Real women who take fashion as seriously as their careers!

How does the business of fashion look like today?

Fashion business is really growing in India, which you can clearly make out from the number of fashion weeks and exhibitions we have here. And this trend is only going to aggravate further.

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