Indulge In Subtle Joys Of A Spa At Your Own Abode


Amidst the hustle-bustle of our hectic lives, we often tend to ignore the well being of our skin and hair. Blame it on the sedentary lifestyles or just being lazy, we take ourselves for granted! And with all the dust, pollution and humidity that we have to deal with everyday, I suggest, you better wake up and smell the coffee-our skin and hair needs regular nourishment to remain healthy and radiant. So what if you don’t get time to hit the spa or salon for beautification; today you can create your own spa at home. Indulge in some self pampering as I guide you on how to get spa treatments done at home with some simple steps.

To emulate a spa at your own home you should keep some basic ingredients, oils and tools ready. For instance, tweezers, sponges, face steamer, etc. Steam helps to open pores and oxygenate the skin; it also works wonders for blackhead extraction and dead skin removal. Also products like cleanser, scrub and moisturizer are a must-have. Indulging in a good body scrub comes handy too but don’t forget the pair of exfoliating gloves!

Also oils like apricot, almond, olive and sesame are good to have, for they bestow glow and smoothness to the skin in abundance. Curd, gram flour, rose water and lime coupled with walnut powder and fuller’s earth are of great help when it comes to exfoliating the skin. Make sure to have cotton pads cut to eye’s size to treat dark under eye problems or puffy eyes problem; these pads can be soaked in fresh cucumber juice and water before application.Furthermore, some good aromatic oil like jasmine, lavender and eucalyptus can be of good use too, with their own set of therapeutic properties. Also sea salts can work magically on sore feet and hands. Also, do keep some good incense sticks or diffuser to make the whole experience more vibrant and aromatic. Using some good fragrant candles can be a brilliant idea! Now, when it comes to facials and massaging, one should take extra care. Consult an expert before you start your own thing; the pressure stimulation process should be precise because excessive pressure can lead to sore muscles and spasms. Undue pressure can also lead to triggering of pain.


Know the basics:

Secret Ingredient: One of the best skin-smoothing ingredient can be found in the dairy aisle, at your nearest supermarket. The lactic acid in milk softens skin better than most super-fancy potions, which is why spa-pros recommend pouring a few cups of milk in your bath. After a long soak, your body will feel buttery soft.

Quick spa recipe: Mix coarse sea salt or brown or white sugar with enough olive oil or grape seed oil to easily spread it on your skin. And always scrub after washing your body with soap; the oils will sink into clean skin and hydrate it.

Three steps facial: To begin with, microwave three damp washcloths for 30 seconds, and  use one to clean your face after each step. Firstly, run hot water in a sink and stand over it with a towel draped over your head for a few minutes (the steam softens your skin) and then wash your face. Next, scrub your face with a product containing both round beads and a chemical exfoliant like, salicylic acid or lactic acid. Lastly, slather on a hydrating face mask, or use a couple of teaspoons of raw honey, which locks in moisture and has antimicrobial properties. Wait for fifteen minutes and wipe it off.

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