Queen of Quirk, Masaba Gupta is making headlines with her edgy prints, innovative choice of colours and brilliant designs

Alia Bhat in Masaba's outfit

Alia Bhat in Masaba’s outfit

Designer Masaba Gupta has been the talk-of-the-town for a while now for her out-of-the-box clothes, quirky prints and an explosion of colours that often surface in her outfits.

Of inspirations: This time around my inspiration rooted from the classic Fitzgerald girl, meeting her sporty and edgy side.

Tale of fabrics: In my latest collection, I used lots of tissues, ombre, organza, lycra, jersey silk and muslin. We had unconventional cuts mixed with really basic silhouettes like the braided sari with a palazzo pant instead of a petticoat; lots of sheer cover-ups and tiny crop tops with pencil skirts were well applauded too. The basic modus operandi was all about being sensual with an edge.

Design mantra: My design philosophy is all about being fearless and unapologetic about who you are and what your aesthetic values are.

Techniques and materials: Off late we have been doing a lot of experiments with the sari; we had the lycra jumpsuit sari, wherein we put the pleats at the back instead of ahead. We also designed embellished organza sweatshirts and teamed up ribbed necklines on very delicate fabrics. Lastly, we also twisted the traditional Benarasi embroidery in silver and gold.


Defining fashion: Fashion for me is whatever that is convenient, whatever that gives you joy; it should uplift you and not be taken too seriously! Fashion should be fun.

Eternal muse: My mother, Neena Gupta has been my muse and source of inspiration since forever.

Future of couture:  It is going places for sure. People are venturing into a different segment of haute couture besides just bridal. I know it for sure, couture in India is only going to get higher.

Future plans: Well, a lot of brand collaborations and innovative ideas are in the pipeline.

Favourite model: Candice pinto is my most favourite model. She is supremely talented.

Brand loving: There are so many; but if I have to name a few, it would be Prada, Burberry, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna.

Fashion soothsayer:  Sheer monochrome and pops of neon will definitely lead the fashion sphere. Also sports are in so, ditch those heels and go crazy with the good old keds.


Personal style:  Minimalist is my mantra and I am happiest in black and white.

Reminiscence:  My first design was a patchwork sari. I made it in college and the teachers hated it because they didn’t understand why I had to use colour with black and white, which has now become my USP (smiles).

Best style advice: Just be yourself and no clothes can do to you what confidence does.

Words of wisdom: Just be original. Be a devotee of fashion but always have another love; this industry takes from you as much as it gives you. So embrace life as it comes.

Fashion & society: I feel fashion and society cannot function without each other’s presence.

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