Return of Punk–A look that overtly rebels against superfluous-ness of commercialization is back on the fashion charts with a bang


If you have fierce, understated and a bold sense of individualism, then perhaps going punk is your true fashion calling. This fashion subculture has been explored by the biggest designers ever; be it Vivienne Westwood or Jean Paul Gaultier; the underlying layers of punk elements in their designs have made this daring style statement a rage.

The inception:

Punk fashion is an aftermath of punk rock that came as an intended refutation of the superficial overindulgence and pretense found in conventional music back in the 70s. Known for its anti-materialistic approaches towards dressing, the punk look replicates simple clothing–torn jeans and tees, leather jackets, customised blazers, shirts erratically roofed in slogans, patches and controversial images. Accessories often worn by punks are fishnet stockings, spike bands, studded or spiked jewellery, safety pins on clothes (and as body piercings) and heavy kohl worn by both the sexes. Many women took punk as a mean to rebel against the clichéd image of a woman by coalescing subtle



and pretty clothes with garments that were well thought-out as masculine; for instance combining a beautiful dress with big, biker boots. “Punk look is all about the attitude, blackness and boldness. Metallic spikes, studded leather attires and neon colours form the vital elements of this style quotient. The best punk attires can be picked up from London. The way punk look has been personified by Vivienne Westwood is simply outstanding,” says designer Nachiket Barve.

Aesthetic vs. accessories:

Punk clothing often employs day-to-day objects for an aesthetic effect. Deliberately ripped clothes are detained together by safety pins or tapes, etc. Other items of accesories include razor blades and chains. “Spikes are incorporated on shoes, on cuffs and often as piercing,” adds Barve. This fashion statement is boldly marked by hand and ear cuffs with a tinge of metallica and bling.

The essentials:

There are few steps to get the punk look right, like, getting your hair spiked up, doing the makeup with lots of thick eye liner, wearing studded accessories, getting some tattoos done, pulling off simple clothes blended in an eccentric way and perhaps getting some body piercings. Add on styles would be to don a fishnet stockings or a spiky jacket. Also metal studded accessories like spiked metal bangles and earrings, studded belts and metal cuffs in steel, silver, gunmetal or in iron colour can make one look super punk! Spikes give a dimension to the look and they can be vertical or drop down on the forehead.

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