Monsoon Makeup Mania


With the season of soft drizzles coming forth, I bring to you tips and tricks to redo your makeup palette. Get ready to juxtapose a combination of bright and earthy tones this monsoon to be the ‘it’ girl! This monsoon, makeup palette of fashion aficionados will brandish a carnival of radiant, sunny shades like, bright oranges, fuchsia and pinks for the lips and earthy tones like, browns and beiges for the eyes. You may also tweak this trend by hitting paradoxical notes—neutral lips and dramatic eyes. Add a tinge of classic allure by contouring your eyes with a blue liner; shades of blue are quite ‘in’ this season!


Eye-business: Select the texture of makeup in the best possible way to retain those stunning looks amidst heaviest of downpours. Range of products with long lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof property will save your makeup from looking patchy or washed off. Eye shadows of soft and natural colours like, beige and brown can be coupled with contrasting eye liners for striking results. For office, use a brown eye shadow along with a blue, winged liner. The colour choices for the liner may vary from aquamarine blue to navy blue. You may also create new shades of liners by mixing up unused shadows with a cell-sealer.

However, the forthcoming trends look like this:

Blue eye shadow: Blue eyes are a continuation from 2013; but this season, there’s something for everyone, from subtle liners to blocks of shadows.

Cat eyes: Burst out your black gel-liners because perennially, cat eyes are big this season. From a slight wing for a chic office look to a graphic liner for the party girl look, variants of the liner form are here to stay and how!

White eye shadow and liner: A wash of sparkling whites and pinks are very much ‘in’ to give lids a dewy freshness. White eyeliner and shadow-rimmed inner corners of the eyes create an icy cool look, making them look vibrant.

Also, petal pink lids cast a soft and ethereal look; add a dash of mascara if required to look simple yet elegant.


Lip-tale: Vivacious and dazzling is the mantra of the hour; orange, neon and coral shades will reign this season. To get the bright lip colour trend right, all you have to do is use a chunky glide-on lip pencil that stays on despite the humidity of monsoons. Also, red lip colours with a subtle hint of velvety-matte finish will be doing the rounds.

This season, fashion fanatics are also applauding loudly for the neutral lip trend! Just add on a little gloss and you are good to go for any occasion. It is also wise to use a transparent gloss in the end instead of a glossy lipstick. As far as evenings are concerned, opt for baby pink and orange hues to look remarkable.


Cheeky-affair: It is the right brush and right application that helps in accentuating the cheeks. Use a cheek contouring brush to apply blusher in a ‘c’ motion on your cheek bones and then add a hint of highlighter on the apples of the cheeks to really make them pop out. Underplay the area below your cheek bone with a bronzer or blusher in brown tone. Cut the area out by giving outward strokes and apply a matching (a shade of pink maybe) blusher on your cheekbone to give it a contrasting effect. Now, finish the look by applying a lighter shade of blusher on the area surrounding your eyes, above your cheekbone. This will not only highlight your cheekbones, but will endow you with a sexy, chiseled look!

You an also give prominence to your cheeks by blending a light pink or peach stain over the cheekbones all the way up towards the temples. You may also apply a tinted moisturiser that works best for your skin type, before putting on foundation to get the flawlessly-fresh tone.

Monsoon mantras: To start with, try avoiding foundation as much as you can. Instead, replace foundation with dual-finish face powder; this to an extent helps in keeping the look intact even if you get drenched. Also, you can use powder in place of a heavy-base. However, even while using face powder see to it that you use only as much as you need it. In other words, use face powder to get rid of that greasy look only.

Blush: Use cream blushers or cheek stains instead of powder in the monsoon. The mantra is to use as less blush as possible. Even if you get wet in the rain, remember to just dab it with a tissue and not rub it all over your face.

Eye shadow: Use subtle colours like beige, brown and pink. And yes, when it comes to eye shadows use powdered eye shadows instead of creams. This will keep the eye shadow from melting off on your face.

Mascara: Mascara should be a strict no-no during rainy season; until and unless it is very necessary. Select water resistant mascaras that will at least stay for a while without getting smudged when wet.

Eyeliner and kajal: Use pencil liner instead of liquid eyeliner during monsoon. This will keep it from running all over your face when you get wet. The perfect look would be to just apply a dash of eye shadow on your upper eyelid and apply a thin line of kajal.

Lip colour: Settle down with long lasting range of lipsticks during monsoon. Matte is the best choice. Also, avoid lip gloss as it will get sticky and smudge easily when you get wet.

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