Hidesign presents the Icon Exhibition

A rebel is born-Hidesign

A rebel is born – Hidesign

Hidesign, India’s leading luxury leather brand celebrates 35 years of heritage and craftsmanship. To commemorate this occasion, Hidesign launches the ‘Icon Exhibition’ in partnership with Select City Walk in Delhi.

Beauty is natural-Hidesign

Beauty is natural – Hidesign

Hidesign attempts to create a window to the brand’s formative years through the ‘Icon Exhibition’ showcasing images of the company’s journey so far and key styles from its archives. With some of the best fashion and luxury brands being housed at Select City Walk, the exhibition will cater to its niche audience in the region. It is first of a kind exhibition in any mall.



Hidesign which was started as a two-man workshop in 1978 has turned into a company of 3000 spread all over the world today. The history of Hidesign has been defined by the rebellion against uniformity and synthetic flatness of the mass market. Hidesign has always stood out for the sensuous naturalness of its high quality leather and the smooth soft glow of its solid brass fitting in the leather good.

Sasha original 1983-Hidesign

Sasha original 1983 – Hidesign

As a part of the celebrations, Hidesign launches its Icon Collection, which showcases some of the earliest bags. Dilip Kapur, President, Hidesign while talking about the bags says, “Hidesign’s earliest bags were a small range of our innovative bags that were a pure expression of our values and what we loved best- adventure, travel, clean design, wonderful materials that felt good, and a non-conformity that was stamped throughout the collection. As we have grown, with large collections and teams of marketing and design professionals, we still look back at our icon bags with great love as being the purest Hidesign bags. The Icon Collection re-launches the earliest bags, maintaining the same purity reflected in the original bags: vegetable-tanned leathers, solid brass, cotton and leather lining and designs that have stood the test of time for the last 35 years.”

The Boxy Big and Small-Hidesign

The Boxy Big and Small – Hidesign

The collection boasts of eleven classic bags such as doctor bags, briefcases, satchels and duffel. The adventure and romance of travel is a great inspiration for Hidesign, and the same spirit is captured in the icon bags. The Hidesign lifestyle is full of travel, both for business and leisure. The passion for travel is still visible in the rugged leathers and solid brass buckles with which the brand originally started.

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