Five doubts that haunt every bride before the D-day


Marriage, love or arranged, comes with its own baggage of joy, hopes and above all, DOUBTS! Couples have their own share of qualms, or as they say—second thoughts, but brides are known for having massive cold feet prior to the wedding (Read: Runaway Bride!). Ultimately, she is the one leaving her family behind to start a brand new chapter of life with a bunch of new faces. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But, well, that’s how it goes in India (at least for now)! We list down 5 such doubts that top the chart for every Indian dulhan.

1. Did I make an impulsive decision?
You may have been best friends with him for years and dated him for quite some time now too! But, when you see that ring on your finger and realize you are his bride-to-be, it could be quite daunting to sink in that feeling. After all, marriage is a huge decision and every time you think in your head, if you are doing the right thing, the answer is mostly a loud NO!
2. Will I get along with his folks?
New people whom you are supposed to call mom and dad; new lifestyle; new room; new address; new family traditions; clueless bride—need we say more?



3. Am I really in love?
The feeling of whether you are infatuated or really in love crosses your mind more than often; both in love and arranged marriages. Even if you are absolutely certain about your decision, a month before the wedding and two cocktails down, the scary thought of rushing into marriage will leave you super-stressed! The worst is when you think, if you still have time to call off the wedding; but sigh, it is always too late.
4. Is he still into his ex?
This is the era of social-networking sites and everyone seems to be pretty aware of what’s going on in everyone’s life: including lives of ex flames. Having said that, it is quite irritating to see his ex, liking his latest profile picture and vice-versa! And then begins the series of insecurity questions popping in your mind—does he miss her? Does he meet her behind my back? Do they WhatsApp each other?—and the list is never-ending and nerve-wrecking!
5. How long will the romance last?
The thought of how long will the honeymoon period last could be quite unnerving. Often we come across people who seem to be madly in love with each other even after 10 years of marriage; contrarily, we are also friends with people who fight like it’s nobody’s business even after 3 months of marriage. Which category will you fall under post marriage is one hell of a stressful thought! Does marriage blow up romance? Will there be no surprise element few months after the marriage? And the questions just don’t stop popping.

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