Life-saving nail hacks

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Nails and nail polishes are no easy business; on top of it, if folklore has to be believed, a woman’s nail should always be primed and proper—it reflects a lot about personal character and sense of style. So here are a couple of nail-hacks that will help keep nail-woes at bay.

  • When it comes to nail art, sticky tape is your savior. They help you create most perfect straight-lined designs.
  • Having problems in opening the lid off your favourite hail paint?—All you have to do is dip the lid in hot water for a couple of minutes and voila!
  • Love glitter? Well, you can create your own glitter nail polish in a jiffy; all you have to do is add some loose glitter to a bottle of nail paint, shake it well and you are good to go.
  • Nobody has time to sit for hours to dry nail paint. Dip your nails in chilled water for five minutes and you are all sorted.
  • Always store your nail paint bottles in the refrigerator; cool and dry temperature keeps the paint fresh and prevents it from bubbling up while applying.
  • If neon is your muse, apply a white coat as base—this will help the colour pop out well.
  • If matte polish defines your style game, you should know how to make it at home. Add a dash of eye-shadow to clear nail polish and shake well. Apply this mixture as a top coat to your dry paint.
  • While giving yourself a manicure, apply Vaseline to protect your cuticles. This way, if you get nail paint on your cuticles, they will be left unharmed!

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