Mascara Guide for Your Eyes

Look created by Sonic Sarwate, Global Senior Artist, M.A.C India

Look created by Sonic Sarwate, Global Senior Artist, M.A.C India

Mascara can make or break any makeup look; too little or too much is not acceptable—you need to apply just the right amount to nail the look! I have made many mascara-mistakes when I started putting on makeup about 4 years back. After much trial and error sessions, I have finally got the basics right. So here’s a list of beauty tips that will help you create strikingly beautiful lashes.

Choose the right one: Pick right mascara for the right occasion; lengthening mascara is best for day time and thickening mascaras are perfect for evening dates. Also, picking the right colour is very crucial. A nice shade of dark brown looks good for morning occasions; go all black and blacker for evening soirees.

Curl it up: Once you are done with applying primer, loose powder, eye-shadow, highlighter, kohl and eyeliner—curl your lashes real nice and add mascara layer by layer.

Apply with love: Place the wand carefully and strategically on the underside of the upper eyelashes; now brush it in upward direction. Make sure you go heavy at the roots and lighter at the tips—too much mascara on tips can make your eyes look droopy. Dry it up with a hair dryer before applying second coat. Use little mascara on your lower lashes too (I mostly avoid lower lashes) and you are good to go!


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