Herbal teas – my winter favourites

Photo Credit: 7-themes.com

Photo Credit: 7-themes.com

For me, winter is all about cozying up, comforting hot beverages, barbeque parties on the rooftop, sitting by the fireplace and of course, soaking in the magic of festive celebrations. Winter really does feel blissfully beautiful unless the flu gets the better of you! I am perpetually sneezing and coughing during winter months but over the last few years, I got introduced to various kinds of herbal teas that are not only great for your body and immune system but also, are great agents of detoxification and healing. So let me show you my three best friends for winter months.

Chamomile tea- This tea is a power-packed combination of herbs that relaxes mind and helps calm sore throat. Its healing properties reduce inflammation; it is also great for your skin because it relieves stress and cures under-eye circles. I usually prefer having it before bedtime; it helps me sleep better and releases work stress. You can add some honey in it too, but I prefer it without any sweetener.

Lemon tea- Lemon tea with a pinch of black salt is my go-to option when I am at work. I love the aroma and flavour of this delicious concoction. It has great amounts of vitamin C in it that helps in making the immune system stronger and keeps cold and flu at bay. I also love having my lemon tea with a spoonful of honey (occasionally though).

Ginger tea- My childhood love. Ginger seemed to be the remedy for all winter-related ailments in my home when I was younger. My father rested all his faith in this hot, fragrant spice and we just loved chewing it with black salt sprinkled on it. I start my day with a cup of hot ginger tea; it energizes my body and sets me up for the rest of the day. Ginger tea helps in speeding up digestion, heals nausea, stimulates blood circulation and yes, it enhances immunity too.

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