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We all know, sugar is bad for health; but, it is a magical ingredient for buttery soft skin. Did you know that? I often make this simple homemade sugar scrub for exfoliation. It’s easy to make, simple to store, supremely effective and can be used as both facial and body scrub.

So think twice before spending on a jar of branded sugar scrub from cosmetic stores; you could have yours made in a jiffy and I promise, you won’t be disappointed. This beauty recipe has many variations, but I will tell you the simplest one today.

Take half-a-cup of sugar (brown or white, your choice), half-a-cup of olive oil and sprinkle a dash of essential oils of your preference. I generally use lavender; it is so amazing! Mix all the ingredients well and store in an air tight jar. Use some in the shower; exfoliate your skin gently and wash off to get silky smooth skin. This is a great moisturizing agent too.

You can add so many more ingredients to this scrub for desired results; but I would suggest, use the above and let me know, how it went. Ok? Good. XOXO

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