The Versatile Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one such organic, multipurpose product that could be a savior when it comes to beauty hacks or natural skincare go-to options. This do-it-all ingredient can be used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, cuticle softener and that’s just few of the things…Here’s how I incorporate coconut oil into my daily wellness and beauty routine.

Body Moisturizer: The thick, creamy texture of coconut oil makes it one of my favourite body moisturizers during winter months. I apply a handful before taking shower. You could apply some and wrap a warm towel around for 15 minutes to help the oil sink deep into your skin, nourishing it intensely from inside. You could also add few drops of essential oil of your choice to it for added benefits. I usually add lavender or lemon grass oil because I love the essence.

Natural Lip Balm: I usually face major chapped lips issue during frosty months. Coconut oil comes to rescue because it is extremely hydrating. I use it as a base and then I apply lip colour on it. It acts as a natural lip gloss too! It keeps my lips baby soft and adds a natural shine too.

Cuticle Softener: Do you face scruffy cuticle problems? Well, worry not anymore! Dab warm coconut oil on your cuticles, massage gently for five minutes, put your gloves on and go off to sleep! Overnight, the oil will sink in deep and hydrate your cuticles beautifully.

Under-eye Cream: Often, hectic schedules, sedentary desk-bound jobs and erratic eating habits lead to dark circles, fine lines and puffy under-eyes. Dry weather can add a line or two as well! To avoid this, add a drop of coconut oil under your eyes before sleeping. Massage gently and see how it works wonders!

Goodbye Frizzy Hair: If you have frizzy hair, more often than not, the problem aggravates in winters. To resolve this, make a hair mask using 100 per cent coconut oil and organic honey. Mix well and apply. Massage your scalp gently in circular motion and wrap a hot towel for an hour. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and voila!

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