Gold Facial at Home Anyone?

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I experienced Gold Facial for the very first time before my wedding. It was part of my pre-bridal beauty regimen. I loved it; it left a shimmery glow on my face for good 2 weeks; and my skin felt supple and super-soft. However, gold facial doesn’t come easy on the pocket; it’s amazing and even more expensive. But worry not because you can do it yourself, in the comfort of your home. Happy? I bet you are! This facial is good for any skin type. It gets rid of toxins, sunburn and acts as a great anti-ageing catalyst. It also makes skin elasticity a lot better. So get read to pamper your skin.

To begin with, get a gold facial kit. It is readily available at any beauty store. The kit mostly consists of a gold cleanser, facial scrub, facial cream or gel, facial mask and lastly, a nourishing face cream.

Cleansing: the first step is to cleanse your face and neck well. This process opens up your skin pores, which is turn helps in better absorption of beauty products. Wipe off the cleanser with clean cotton balls dipped in mildly warm water. Pat your face dry.

Scrubbing: get started with mild scrubbing. This process takes away dead skin layer off your skin, unveiling bright, spotless skin. Make sure the pressure is not overwhelming; employ circular motion and use your fingertips and knuckles. Do this for 10 minutes and wipe off using a wet tissue. Pat your skin dry.

Massage with cream/gel: now apply gold cream/gel and massage gently using upward and outward strokes. Apply the cream/gel all over your face and neck (be careful with the eye-area). This gold cream or gel consists of gold dust (and additionally other ingredients like saffron, essential oils or Aloe Vera). Massage for 15 to 20 minutes so that it gets well-absorbed in the skin. Use a wet sponge to clean your face and neck.

Gold mask: smear the gold mask evenly on your face and neck. This mask mostly comprises of gold foil, turmeric and Aloe Vera figments. Let it dry; wash it off with cold water and pat dry.

Moisturizing: in case your gold facial kit does not have a moisturizer, use the one that suits you best. Apply moisturizer in circular motion all over your face and neck and that would be the end of it!


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