BOGA unveils Stylish Scooter Bags


Boga recently launched a piece of luggage for travelers, that is multi-purpose, fashionable, and is notching up the heat quotient. This bag is a blend of a wheeled suitcase and a micro-scooter, and is sure to turn heads wherever you carry it. Pankita Vora, Founder, Boga talks about her latest favourite accessory!

How did you blend style with functionality while designing the scooter bag?

The idea of scooter came in while I was dragging my heavy carry-on luggage at an airport during a transit, and almost missed the onward flight. Boga’s scooter bags are mainly meant for traveling purposes, but we’ve kept it uber-stylish so that you would love to carry it to work as well. Its combined with a wheeled suitcase and a micro scooter made of aluminum, which can take human weight up to 150 kgs and an instant brake on the back wheel; so your last minute dash to the airport or running on uneven roads is more controlled. The bag could hold up to 12 kgs of weight.

Who is your target audience?

Boga’s scooter bag is for everyone. Our target audience is mainly air travelers, but the scooter is pretty sturdy to take road rides as well.

Boga Bag

Tell us about the different colour schemes in which these bags are available.

Boga’s scooter bag comes in 7 colours – black, red, blue, purple, green, yellow, and orange. The top of the bag has different colours whereas the colour of the scooter is black.

What are you working on next?

We have a few things in line but surely something that’s different, and would make life a little easier and stylish. Until then, stay in style …

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