Manav Gangwani’s bridal collection at India Couture Week 2016

Manav Gangwani and Kangana Ranaut, India Couture Week 2016

This year at India Couture Week 2016, master couturier Manav Gangwani debuted his new label, ‘Manav Gangwani India’. To launch his new label, he unveiled his new collection ‘Begum-e-Jannat’ at the show. The inspiration for this collection originated in the intricacy of the Mughal era and the Royal age.

Manav Gangwani - _Begum-e-Jannat_ India Couture Week 2016

The collection is an amalgamation of sentiments evoked by the word ‘Jannat’, meaning paradise. Every design in the collection reflected a visual piece of paradise to be owned and cherished. The collection captured the Mughal era effortlessly with subtle hints of sensuality. Being a regal and rich collection, it featured a jewel colour palette featuring stately and opulent tones of Ivory, Black, Navy, Green and Maroon.

Manav Gangwani - _Begum-e-Jannat_ India Couture Week 2016 (2)

This year’s showstopper was one of Bollywood’s most distinguished and celebrated stars, Kangana Ranaut, who also posed as Manav Gangwani’s muse at Amazon Couture Week 2015, for his French-inspired collection, Le’amoureuse (The Beloved).

Manav Gangwani - _Begum-e-Jannat_ India Couture Week 2016 (1)

Speaking on his new collection, Manav Gangwani shared a few words “Begum-e-Jannat has truly been an inspirational collection for me. From the initial days of planning till the end product, this collection has been a heartfelt and a meaningful journey, which will always remain close to my heart. Late Ms. Zainab Nedou Patel was a very dear friend and like a sister to me, and it makes me proud to honour this collection in her name.”

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