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I have always been overprotective about my lips during winters. My lips have a tendency to get overtly chapped, which leads to frequent bleeding and pain. I have been using Vaseline to guard my lips since school days; however, in the last few years, I have used Nivea chap sticks and Maybelline lip balms – these are good products, but are not natural. Once I stopped using these, my lips got drier, which made me apply in double proportions. Not a great thing, eh?

So this season, I have decided to take the eco-friendly route, and make my own lip balms at home. The ingredients I have used are 100 percent natural and they are meant to sink deep into the thin layers of your lips, leaving them nourished and moisturized from within.


Beeswax (1 tablespoon grated): Beeswax is a great source of natural moisturizer; it protects your skin from dust and free radicals. This ingredient offers consistency and stiffness to the body of the lip balm, making it easy for application.

Virgin coconut oil (1 tablespoon): Coconut oil moisturizes even the deepest layer of skin. Also, unlike petroleum jelly, coconut oil doesn’t smother the skin. It also keeps the skin well-hydrated.

Raw organic honey (a dash of it): Honey is a natural humectant, which means it holds onto water molecules.

Vitamin E (2 capsules): Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E is known for its neutralizing effects on free radicals that damage healthy skin cells, leading it to dryness.

Essential oil (few drops): I love essential oils and their rich aromas. This is an optional ingredient. But, I love using them in all skincare products. You can try out lavender, lemon grass, peppermint and so many more.


In a thick-based boiler, melt down beeswax; add coconut oil and honey when about half of the beeswax is no longer dense. After it’s all melted and combined together, stir in the contents of vitamin E capsules. Lastly, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Pour the gorgeous concoction into tiny containers and let it cool. Apply as needed, and gift some to your friends too!

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