Red Wine Hot Chocolate


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My winter food diary always features two very important ingredients – chocolate and wine. Hot chocolate has been a childhood favourite; my mum used to make me this magic drink as a reward for finishing up all homework on time during winters. And mulled wine unleashes memories of college days and hassle-free times.

But it was just last year that I discovered a wonderful recipe that helps keep winter evenings warm and comfy. Do you know what dreams are made of? – hot chocolate and red wine. Yes, you read that right. A sip of this concoction can transport you to Unicorn land; I promise. All you need is some skimmed milk, red wine, and some chunks of dark chocolate.

Heat the milk in a saucepan and add the chocolate chunks in it; stir well for a few minutes. Once all the chocolate is melted, pour some wine into the mixture and stir until the beverage is well-blended. Remember to keep the heat on.

Now get your favorite mug out, serve the creamy beverage and add a dash of whipped cream for some extra love. Happy winter to you!

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