The Luxury Walk-Through at Anita Dongre’s new flagship store

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Luxury lies in every detail that goes into the making of brand – Anita Dongre. The core philosophy of the designer and her brand ‘to revive India’s rich heirloom crafts’ manifests into tangible luxury in all of its creations.

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Making its mark in the iconic couture capital, the new Anita Dongre flagship store, spanning 10,000 square feet, is her largest store in India. While the sheer size and grandeur of the space is magnificent, it is the finer details, at every step through the store, that complete the uber-luxe experience. Inspired by nature, the space strives to bring a sense of green within. The aroma of freshly brewed herbal tea, infused mint, lemongrass and ginger – organically grown on our terrace garden, served at the store makes for a truly warm welcome.

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A beautiful, hand-carved marble fountain and the signature scent of jasmine with rose instantly bring the feel of Rajasthan in the heart of the country’s capital. The grand entrance, painted in dark rose is highlighted by hand-painted murals depicting flora and fauna.

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It remains a constant endeavor of the brand to give skilled Indian artisans their due space and worth within the design industry. Anita’s belief that true luxury is handcrafted resonates throughout the store. Thirty intricately hand-painted paintings made in the Pichwai style adorn the walls, giving a strong presence to each room. These paintings were custom-commissioned for the store and each room follows an animal theme, such as elephants, peacocks, and tiger. The pure indulgence in art is evident on every wall – from the gold hand-block printed walls of the trial rooms, the Rag Ragini series of miniature paintings behind the traditional jhoola, to the intricate stone-carved screens and portraits of Indian royalty.

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The store promises to be an art enthusiast’s delight! There is a beautiful collection of watercolor paintings of Rajasthani musicians and exotic birds. Adding a personal touch to the store, there are interesting brass artefacts from Anita’s travel memorabilia. The brand’s pret line on the ground floor is interestingly curated across seven rooms.

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Every section opens with beautiful curved arches, maintaining a regal feel through the store. Every sight and every step lands on a masterpiece. Even the floor showcases eight different inlayed geometric patterns of hand-cut marble work. The plush-looking pillars have a Mughal trellis design created with fine hand done thikri work. The dark rose wall along the flight of stairs, leading up for bespoke bridal services, shines brilliantly with silver panels of Udaipur’s famed thikri work. The abundant flow of art and culture during the flourishing, regal eras of Rajasthan come to life with a walk-through at the new store.


Anita Dongre

H-05/12, Kalka Das Marg,

Behind Qutub Minar,

Seth Sarai, Mehrauli,

New Delhi – 110 030.


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