Minakari Gets a Modern Touch

Alpana Gujral's collection

Alpana Gujral’s collection

Alpana Gujral is a distinguished jewelry designer from New Delhi, India who has been arduously perfecting her craft for over 25 years.  Over the years she has worked closely with master craftsmen from the state of Rajasthan to develop her signature style of jewelry–a marriage of traditional styles with contemporary forms.

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Kavita Bhartia in retrospection @ 25

Kavita Bhartia's Autumn/Winter 2015

Kavita Bhartia’s Autumn/Winter 2015

Since the launch of her label in 1989, Kavita Bhartia retrospect’s 25 years of her journey in the Indian Fashion industry and her multi-designer store Ogaan, through her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection essentially inspired by the 18th century Tapestries from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Encompassing her chic and minimalistic silhouettes, she retains her signature style for the globetrotting woman.

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