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Alpana Gujral's collection

Alpana Gujral’s collection

Alpana Gujral is a distinguished jewelry designer from New Delhi, India who has been arduously perfecting her craft for over 25 years.  Over the years she has worked closely with master craftsmen from the state of Rajasthan to develop her signature style of jewelry–a marriage of traditional styles with contemporary forms.

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Creation of unique jewels by Bvlgari

Necklace in yellow gold with 7 emeralds 129,48 cts, garnets 95,15 cts ,1 drop of emerald 3,90 cts, round brilliant cut diamonds 36,85 cts ,pear shaped diamonds 9,12 cts ,diamond baguettes 1,20 cts and round brilliant cut diamonds 1,45 cts

High Jewellery necklace in white gold with emeralds (141,97 ct), sapphires (149,31 ct), rubies (95,42 ct), round brilliant cut diamonds (34,13 ct), baguette diamonds (4,78 ct) and pavé diamonds (14,99 ct).

The Bulgari High Jewellery Collection is a collection of exquisitely crafted jewels, created on the basis of drawings especially developed for gemstones of extraordinary quality. The essential element for a piece of high jewellery is the stone, or set of stones, around which it is composed. A profound knowledge of gems and cuts is therefore an indispensable skill for developing a collection of high jewellery, and in this area Bulgari boasts a tradition of excellence that goes back more than a century. Searching the world market for gems of the right cut and colour requires time and great expertise from Bulgari’s gemologists. And then there is the talent and taste required from Bulgari’s designers to compose these magnificent stones and finalise the design. At last, the master goldsmiths create perfectly crafted gold settings, links and clasps giving every Bulgari jewel their exceptional suppleness.

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