My All Time Favourite Restaurants In Kolkata

Kolkata Food Culture

Kolkata, my one true love. My food paradise. Over the years, as I have been bestowed with layers and layers of new chapters in life, I find it difficult to take out the time to visit my city. In the past few years, I have only been able to visit Kolkata once a year. But, those five days in the city of joy fills me in with the deepest love ever.

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Five doubts that haunt every bride before the D-day


Marriage, love or arranged, comes with its own baggage of joy, hopes and above all, DOUBTS! Couples have their own share of qualms, or as they say—second thoughts, but brides are known for having massive cold feet prior to the wedding (Read: Runaway Bride!). Ultimately, she is the one leaving her family behind to start a brand new chapter of life with a bunch of new faces. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But, well, that’s how it goes in India (at least for now)! We list down 5 such doubts that top the chart for every Indian dulhan.

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